St. Bernard

The Greatest Dogs

In one dog community the owners describe the dogs they keep. I could not resist and described the breed” SENBERNAR “

The saints are big dogs. Walking with such an animal regularly you hear passer-by  assumptions about the size of the apartment, the amount of food and other. Be related to disappoint
At home, St. Bernard occupies exactly one square meter, the only problem is that now you need this square meter to go somewhere. But if he took it, then he will move from this place only after you, confessing the principle: “movement is evil, it increases the entropy of the universe”

Creating yourself such a huge, majestic and impressive handsome, it is worth remembering that, despite external coolness and slowness, if necessary, St.bernaird is a very formidable fighting machine and, despite its dimensions, can turn around 360 degrees almost instantly)

With the character of St. Bernard, everything is great: he does not care, he loves his mom-dad, his human children, his cats, his hamsters, dogs with whom he plays since childhood. All the rest fall into the category of “white noise” and cause only occasional slight curiosity).

St. Bernard does not like fighting, believing that it’s not the king’s business. Even if the male or the female is dominant, they have enough charisma and persuasiveness to prove their superiority to the other participants of the walk without collisions and physical efforts – by  looking down. Running and playing on a stroll will be with great pleasure for saints, but with favorite owner or with the dogs played with as a child. The St. Bernards are fond of long, leisurely walks with the host’s conversations, like to wander in a new places, scrutinizing all the remarkable things on their way very carefully and thoroughly. A saint has only one drawback during the walk: very bad hearing! Well, that is a dog, leaving the house, almost immediately loses it, especially if it finds a dead frog under a half-meter layer of ice. It is clear that the size of the St. Bernard and the strength of his paws allow him to open this frog for several minutes, without being distracted by all sorts of extraneous stimuli in the form of a terrible howl of the host, which of course perfectly characterizes the stable and balanced nervous system of these dogs.
I’ll tell you a little more about the behavior of St. Bernard in the house.

They are wonderful au pairs! Every time when St.bernaird will still deliver himself to a bowl of water and drink from it, then further, with his kindness and attentiveness, decides that once he has poured the floor in a radius of a meter from the bowl, it is absolutely unfair to not wash the walls and the ceiling – one easy movement of the heads – and you have a cleanly washed apartment.
Of course, if you are a supporter of sleeping in a warm company and a thick peasant snoring is not a hindrance, your dog will gladly share your bed, pillow and blanket with you, but be careful and still lie down to the wall, otherwise you can discover St. Bernard in the morning loneliness – on your bed, and yourself – on his bedding.

In everyday life, St. Bernard is surprisingly unpretentious! He never refuses anything, any piece that you offer him will cause such an influx of gratitude and emotions that the visible result – saliva – can be traded in bulk!

He sincerely believes that he is the best taster and gourmet, therefore he considers it his duty to try everything that gets in his field of vision! And since the field of vision is at his eye level, the table, which he looks at from above, entirely falls into this field of vision and falls, with all the contents. Tasting this content St. Bernard, depending on the speed of movement of the hosts, leaving behind a perfectly clean, free from interference and washed surface.
When you decide that it is this treasure you have been dreaming of for the rest of your life, it should finally settle with you – think carefully! And then think again! And then think really well and sensibly and buy yourself something useful!

Do not buy into the innocent and charming smiley face of this little bear! Growing a St. Bernard puppy is comparable to growing your own child, only accelerated 7-10 times! Born with a weight of 500-800 grams per year, saint grows into a “rabbit”, weighing 70 kg and growing 80 cm at the withers, and neither valuable fur nor dietary meat you can not wait for! And this is not the end of his growth, but continue a year or two or three, depending on the bloodline.

If you are athletic, energetic choleric, dreaming of a dog looking in your mouth and rushing to carry out your commands on blinking eyelashes, then St. Bernard is the best dog that would take you to a cot in a small psychiatric hospital where you finally calm down !!

If you dream about a dog with which you will go hunting, throw her aport and participate in agility, then of course, St. Bernard is the dog with which you will always be in the center of attention a lot of people with a wonderful mood and a long healthy laugh! ”


Article by Zoe Roset

14.06.2018 Natalia Kachmar