About the Kennel – Carpathian Saint`s


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We are glad to welcome you on our website dedicated to St. Bernard!

My husband and I recently began to work with this wonderful breed – St. Bernard!

The tribal kennel of the St. BernardsCarpathian Saint`s” is officially registered in UKU-FCI in 2013.

We already have some achievements. The dogs of our breeding became: Young European Champion (2016 Brussels), three Champions of Europe (2017 Kiev), two Interchampions.

Perhaps, few of the existing breeds enjoys the same fame and popularity in the world as St. Bernard. This popularity St. Bernard won, selflessly saving people in the mountains.

Remarkable patience and endurance of St. Bernard. In the conditions of the mountain  pass, when the temperature rises above zero by only 2-3 months, the St. Bernards  can spend hours on heavy frost and even ferocious storms do not cause them anxiety.

Over the years, the good guarding qualities of the St. Bernards have come to light. But St. Bernard, rather, a guardian from the mind, not from training.

Well-mannered St. Bernard loves children. But most often it does not depend on him (since kindness in St. Bernard is laid down initially), but on the presence in his environment of well-mannered children and, more importantly, normally brought up adults.

But the most remarkable thing about St. Bernard is his mind. It is on his mind that most of his salvations are based, it is for his mind that he is respected by many breeders and simple dog lovers, thanks to the mind he can be trusted in the most difficult situations. Sometimes it seems that near is man in the guise of St. Bernard. But it would be more correct to assume that the mind of St. Bernard evolved over the centuries of rescue service and communication with people under the most difficult conditions. As a result, by his mind, he is closer to people than other breeds, as evidenced by his actions, in which, apart from pride and independence, human thinking and logic are felt.

The surprisingly wise sight of St. Bernard fascinates, his eyes shine with intelligence and self-respect feeling. The most loyal friend, guard, tireless companion, sometimes it seems that his intelligent attentive look always accompanies us. Your companion and partner, a mute interlocutor and a good guardian angel – that’s who SENBERNAR is. If you want to see in your house a wonderful friend, a loyal defender and just a pet of the family – then this is the dog for you.

This is the St. Bernard. He is majestic, noble, intelligent and endlessly devoted to man. It’s a dog from the legend.

Our goal is to preserve and develop the best breed qualities inherent in the St. Bernard. The visiting card of our kennel is the uniformity of the exteriors, excellent balanced mind and correct behavior of dogs.

The main direction in the work is breeding dogs with friendly character, stable mind, correct anatomy, easy correct movements, preserving the primary guise of this ancient unique breed.

Standard FCI №61 21.01.2004


ORIGIN: Switzerland

Date of publication of the last valid standard: March 24, 1993.

APPLICATION: companion, watchdog and farm dog.

CLASSIFICATION FCI: group 2: pinscher, schnauzer, moloss, Swiss zennenhund and other shepherd dogs;

Section 2.2: Molosses, mountain type, without checking the working qualities.

07.06.2018 Natalia Kachmar