Eneya Carpathian Saint`s

DOB 03/11/2015

Eneya Carpathian Saint`s is the worthy daughter of her irresistible father Nebukadnezar. Stylish, compact, with a beautiful character and fascinating productive movements. If there is a God of dogs exhibitions, then he blessed her with numerous victories.

HD-A ED-0/0, Young European Champion Brussels-2016, Young winnerBennelux – 2016, Middle East European Junior Winner Austria Tuln 2016, Junior Champion of Ukraine, Young Grand Champion of Ukraine, Junior Champion of Poland, Junior Champion of Moldova, Young Grand Champion Moldova, Junior Winner of the Polish Mollusc Club Warsaw 2016, European Champion Ukraine Kiev -2017, KSU Champion, Best of Breed in Ukraine, Super Grand Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Poland, Champion of Hungary, Champion of Romania, Winner of Moloss Club of Poland 2017 (Warsaw, Poland) , 1 * qualification for CRUFTS, BIS & Super BIS Mono St. Petersburg bets Ukraine Kharkov – 2017, Multiple winner of BISbaby, BIS-puppy, BIG and 4 * BIS

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