Nebukadnezar Van`t Hof Ten Eynder

DOB 28/04/2014

Nebu (Nebukadnezar Van`t Hof Ten Eynder) – if there is a dog Dream – this is it! I have been waiting for his appearence for three years. When the breeders from Belgium Linda and Frankie wrote to me that a litter was born and I have the opportunity to choose a baby – I was happy. On the first photo I recognized Him, my Magnificent Saint Bernard Nebu. He draws a glance to himself, he is very handsome and noticeable, has a fine temper – he is very affectionate, he is the best in everything, beloved and obedient, and he knows about it – absolutely confident and noble. Nebu – a living combination of an ideal breed character with an ideal breed exterior.

Longhaired male HD-A ED-0/0, Interchampion, Junior Champion of Ukraine, Young Grand Champion of Ukraine, Junior Champion of Belarus, Young Champion of Hungary, Young Winner of the Club St.Bernard of Italy 2016 (Milan, Italy), Champion of KSU, Best of Breed in Ukraine , Super Grand Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Estonia, Champion of Poland, Champion of Moldova, Champion of Belarus, Champion of Hungary, Champion of Romania, Latvian Champion, Poland Winner 2015 (Poznan, Poland), Estonian Winner 2016 (Tallinn, Estonia), Austrian Winner 2016 (Tulln) , Austria), Winner of the Molossov Po Club (Warsaw, Poland), Winner of the Moloss Club of Poland 2017 (Warsaw, Poland), 3 * qualification for CRUFTS, Vice European Champion – 2017 (Kiev, Ukraine), Multiple winner of BISbaby, BIS-puppy, BIG and 4 *

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